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Door Panels

The price for the panels are based on the amount of time it takes to manufacture & the cost of the materials.


The geometric designs with rectangles & straight lines are usually less expensive than a design shapes & curves. Costs are also determined by the amount of pieces of glass used to make up the design, for every piece of glass used there are at least one piece of lead & two soldered joints to hold the panel together. 


I can make stained glass door panels in any of the following designs, you can change any of the colours, textures or inserts to match your decor. If you like you can use parts of one design and integrate into another fanlight design. It is also possible to alter the colour scheme to suit your decor, any alterations in the shown design maybe subject to a change in the price. 

For the price advertised on I will custom make you a pair of stained glass door panels.


The glass contains small inclusions, bubbles & lines which adds to the character & charm of the pieces. Using this type of glass gives the panels an aged antique look.


Although I endeavor to achieve as close a match in colour and texture between panels that I supply and those shown here, the unique nature of the glass means that there may be slight variation in the finished piece supplied.


The prices includes sizes up to 11"/28cm wide x 40"/102cm high, larger sizes can be accommodated with an extra charge for materials. Some colours may incur an extra cost due to the price of glass.

Please contact me for details on how to take the final measurements 

If your sizes aren't similar to the ones advertised I can email you a scaled C.A.D drawing before constructing the panels.


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